Good to Great

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Imagine a cunning fox hunting a hedgehog, coming up with a plethora of surprise attacks and sneaky tactics each day to devour the tasty critter. The hedgehog’s response is always the same: curl up in a spiky, unbreachable ball. Its adherence to this simple strategy is the reason the hedgehog prevails day after day. 

The above is excerpt from book good to great. 

What is my hedgehog concept.  Love the Lord with my actions and invest into personal growth as a Man of God, husband and dad everyday. Growing thru prayer, reading and personal application. Looking always to help people with their dreams and how they can achieve them.  The power of decisions. One decision leads to another, then another. Good decisions will eventually lead to great decisions.  I decided to repent for my sins, decided to obey His word, which lead me to baptism in Jesus name, leading me to the Infilling of the Holy Ghost.  Keep making good decisions, they add up to greatness!! 

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